Are you a beginner? Confused about the type of instrument you need to buy or what budget is right or where to find the right teacher? See our beginner tips and advice for great insights and to understand how to go about starting your musical adventure.

To start with, the first thing you need to understand is that learning an instrument requires time and patience. Nobody sings or plays like Jimmy Page, Elton John, John Mayor or Freddy Mercury on day 1, month 1 or year 1.

Think of it as an ever evolving skill, you keep getting better if you keep on practicing and its extremely important for you to enjoy yourself when you practice.

The first milestone would be to cross the 2 month mark. If you cross 2 months, chances are that you will continue to play and as time passes, you will become good at it. What makes it easier is having a good roadmap. Here are some 10 step guides on how to start playing an instrument –

1. Guitar

2. Piano

3. Drumming