Music is a wonderful pairing of man and nature, a beautiful art form which unites people and cultures globally.

We at Musiconica firmly believe that Music is perhaps one of the most popular things in the world. It has the power to energise, bond and heal all at once. It might be even more popular than chocolate.

It is appreciated and followed by millions. However being a talented musician is a gift held by few.

Scientific studies have also concluded the correlation between improved math and physics skills to music, especially if a person started learning an instrument at a young age. Music in itself has the power to shape cultures, make them yield… and its impact on civilisation is un-matched.

We also believe that the sharing of musical knowledge with others only increases one’s own.

Musiconica’s ultimate goal is to enable people who want to learn to learn. Our dream is that there will be a time when our country will be the hub for the best of musical activity in the world.

India stands for diversity and the same has always reflected in our music. A journey of the last 100 years of our musical history takes us from the incredible hindustani music of Bade Ghulam Ali, to the regional music of S.D. Burman, to Kishore Kumar whose yodelling taken from the Bavarian Alps put us in a state of wonder, to the Spanish, Turkish and Western melodies of R.D.Burman. Keeping this vast legacy in mind we move towards our goal.